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Newcomer Resources: 5 Useful Blog Posts for Newcomers to British Columbia

Updated: Feb 25

There will be difficult times when you decide to leave everything you know behind, regardless of the cause. It will not always be easy, no matter how much we wish to believe otherwise. But that doesn't mean you'll quit, because, while you've already gone through a lot of paperwork and waiting time as part of your specific procedure to come to BC, getting here is only the beginning of the real journey.

So hang in there and take advantage of the 5 useful blog posts for newcomers to British Columbia that we'll share with you today.

Vancouver buildings on the sea wall, fall sunny day

5 Useful Blog Posts for Newcomers to British Columbia

This post focuses on the Greater Vancouver Area and will walk you through the places that fall under its jurisdiction so you can become acquainted with it. The housing price estimates, which offer you a complete list of cities in Metro Vancouver and the approximate cost of a two-bedroom rental, specifying the kind of home, are an essential highlight. You'll also learn about transportation, health insurance, banks and finances, the papers you'll need once you arrive in BC, clothing and equipment, food and supplies, internet access, and phone services.

This post contains a little more than 60 important websites, so if you are a parent or caregiver, you should read it. The article is broken into three sections:

Newcomer Families Resources provides important information for the entire family, from programs to activities and assistance.

Newcomer Families Resources for Early and Middle Childhood, where you may learn about health, car seats, BC schools, the three types of schooling, and, of course, activities for children.

Newcomer Families Resources for Adolescence will provide you with crucial information to learn about teen health and how to navigate these wonderful and often hard years, as well as mental health support services and schools.

With an annual rainfall of 1,153 millimetres, Vancouver is wet for approximately 168 days out of 365, which indicates that we are experiencing rainy weather for nearly half of the year, which means that many activities must be halted, and when this situation is combined with homesickness, it can be a very discouraging time for many. Fortunately, in this piece, you will learn what homesickness is and some tips to embrace rainy days, but if that isn't enough, you will also learn about resources regarding well-being and mental health so you can go out and rock your rain boots without hesitation.

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about food banks, from donating to a food bank to finding the location that is the closest to you (addresses included), and because there are times when we need a little help, learn about the requirements that you'll need in order to receive assistance from a food bank. No one should experience hunger, and this place plays an important role in providing essential sustenance to those in need.

Building a wardrobe on a budget can be an important step for those that are just starting to adjust to their new life; each season in BC is different from each other, so most people require fulfilling a wardrobe that covers the necessities of each season without diving into the extras due to different activities outside the day to day life. This post will share with you 11 thrift stores around Vancouver for you to check out before considering buying new items. You'll also learn about volunteer opportunities in said stores, which is a perfect way to gain Canadian work experience, plus, buying in a thrift store, comes with some perks like being environmentally friendly and also an extraordinary way to help the community. How? you may ask. Read in each store to learn about the community causes, organizations and charities that these stores help thanks to your purchases. It's a win-win situation.

To wrap up:

These resources, although pointed towards newcomers, can be helpful for anyone living in BC, and understanding that there is a lot of good information to be taken, we recommend you to make a tea or grab a coffee and read on calmly to decide what can be helpful to you or someone you know. Please pass on this information and help more people to come around.

We wish you all success!


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