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Battling Homesickness and Rainy Day Blues: Tips for Newcomers to Vancouver

Updated: Jan 14

Moving to a new city can be exciting, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. For newcomers to Vancouver, battling homesickness and dealing with the seemingly endless rainy days can be particularly tough.

Let's be honest – unless you're arriving from a city as notoriously rainy as London (or another locale equally drenched), Vancouver's rainfall will probably surprise you.

I mean, they call it Raincouver for a reason right? The city's maritime climate ensures a steady supply of moisture year-round, which means you'll get to know your umbrella and rain boots quite well. In fact, Vancouver experiences an average of 168 rainy days per year, with an annual rainfall of approximately 1,153 millimetres!

But don't worry, Vancouverites have mastered the art of staying cozy and embracing the misty ambiance. And now that you've become an official Vancouverite through your move here, I can assure you that with the right resources and strategies, you will be able to turn your rainy-day blues into an opportunity for growth and exploration. Ultimately, you'll come to appreciate the lush, green landscapes, and the warmth of indoor activities on some drizzly days, and discover the excitement of outdoor adventures, rain or shine.

In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips and resources to help you navigate through homesickness and make the most of rainy days in this beautiful city.

Understanding Homesickness:

The first step in understanding homesickness is recognizing it as a perfectly natural emotion commonly felt by newcomers. It's that feeling of longing for the familiar comforts of home, including family, friends, and the places you used to frequent.

It's important to note that feeling homesick doesn't necessarily equate to regretting your move or deeming it a mistake.

To help you navigate this emotional journey, here are some valuable tips for coping with homesickness:

  1. Stay Connected: Make an effort to keep in touch with loved ones back home. Thanks to technology, staying connected has never been easier. Regular video calls, messages, and virtual gatherings can provide a comforting sense of closeness. (If you are a mom, we wrote a post about Making Friends in a New Country as an Immigrant Mother that you can read here.)

  2. Explore the Multicultural Communities: Vancouver is a diverse city with thriving multicultural neighbourhoods. Join community groups, attend cultural events, and explore different cuisines to feel more connected and at home.

  3. Create Your Comfort Zone: Personalize your new living space with familiar items from home. Decorate your apartment with photos, artwork, or mementos that remind you of your roots.

Embracing Rainy Days:

As we discussed earlier, Vancouver is known for its wet weather, and while it may take some getting used to, there are many ways to enjoy rainy days:

  1. Get Outdoors: Invest in a good rain jacket and waterproof boots, and embrace the rainy weather by exploring Vancouver's lush parks, like Stanley Park or Lynn Canyon. The city's natural beauty is even more enchanting in the rain.

  2. Visit Museums and Galleries: Spend your rainy days indoors by exploring the numerous museums and art galleries that Vancouver has to offer.

  3. Join Indoor Activities: Consider joining indoor activities such as yoga, dance classes, or indoor climbing gyms. It's a great way to stay active while keeping dry.

  4. Coffee Shop Culture: Vancouver is famous for its coffee shops. Spend a rainy afternoon sipping a warm latte at a local café, working on your laptop, reading a book, or just people-watching.

If you have kids and are seeking ideas for activities, we've prepared a couple of posts that might be of interest. You can explore them by clicking the links below:

Resources for Newcomers:

  1. Settlement Services: The Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC) offers a range of settlement services, including language classes, employment support, and counselling to help newcomers adapt to life in Vancouver.

  2. Mental Health Support: Don't hesitate to seek professional help if you're struggling with homesickness or emotional challenges. You can find therapists, counsellors, and support groups through organizations like Vancouver Coastal Health that offer a wide array of services (you can find the closest one to you here) or online platforms like BetterHelp.

  3. Community Centers: Vancouver's community centers offer various programs, from fitness classes to cultural events. Joining one can help you meet people and find a sense of belonging.

  4. Meetup Groups: Facebook Groups are a great resource to find like-minded individuals and attend events related to your interests. It's an excellent way to expand your social circle.

For additional newcomer resources feel free to browse through our Newcomer Page, where we have all kinds of helpful blog posts such as a handy Settlement Checklist where you'll find valuable services and resources for newcomers in BC, a Newcomer Guide for the Greater Vancouver Area and more!


Battling homesickness and dealing with rainy days as a newcomer to Vancouver may seem daunting, but with the right mindset, resources, and strategies, you can thrive in this vibrant city. Remember that it's okay to miss home, but Vancouver has so much to offer in terms of culture, nature, and community. Embrace the opportunities, make new friends, and create a life that feels like a home away from home.


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