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Education in the GVA: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Public, Private, and Homeschooling

Updated: Feb 25

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As parents, we always want to make the best choices for our children's education. In the Greater Vancouver area, there are many educational options, from public schools to private institutions, and even homeschooling. However, with so many choices, it's normal to have questions.

In this blog, we will address the frequently asked questions that parents often have when choosing their children's education. Join us as we explore the different educational options, simplify the decision-making process, and help you choose what's best for your family.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions About Public Schools in the Greater Vancouver Area

School grounds, brick building

How are the school facilities, including classrooms, playground areas, and school security?

School facilities vary, so it's advisable to schedule a visit to the school to assess the classrooms, and playgrounds, and discuss security measures with school staff.

What support services are available for students, such as special education programs or counselling?

What is the average class size in the school and the student-to-teacher ratio?

What kind of extracurricular programs and activities are offered at the school?

What parent involvement and opportunities are available, such as the School Council or volunteer activities?

Are there any costs associated with school enrollment or school supplies?

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Private and Independent Schools in the Greater Vancouver Area

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What is the difference between private and independent schools in British Columbia?

Private schools and independent schools are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference. Independent schools are privately funded and operated but must adhere to the provincial curriculum. Private schools, on the other hand, may offer more flexibility in their curriculum but still meet certain standards set by the Ministry of Education.

Are private and independent schools only for wealthy families?

How do I choose the right private or independent school for my child?

Are private and independent schools religious?

Are private and independent schools regulated by the government?

What are the class sizes like in private and independent schools?

Do private and independent schools have extracurricular activities?

How do I apply for admission to a private or independent school?

What is the cost of tuition at private and independent schools in British Columbia?

Can my child transition from a public school to a private or independent school?

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling in the Greater Vancouver Area

Little girl learning at a library, big windows in the back

Is homeschooling the right choice for me?

Homeschooling is for everyone who wants a child-led, more independent education in which you can tailor the lessons to your child's interests and uniqueness while benefiting from one-on-one learning and connection. So if you have an inquisitive, free-spirited child, this may be a learning approach to consider.

Can I homeschool my child if I don't have a degree in education?

How do I register my child as a homeschooler?

Is online learning also homeschooling?

Do I need to register my child every year?

Is homeschooling expensive?

Where can I find learning resources?

Do I need to follow a curriculum? If so, how do I get one?

What happens if we want to enroll in a school after being homeschooled?

The Ministry Website says homeschoolers can't get a Dogwood Diploma. So how will they get into postsecondary school?


When it comes to choosing the best educational path for your children, you may have numerous questions. This post aimed to address many of those questions by providing insights into public, private, and homeschooling in the Greater Vancouver area.

For public schools, the enrollment process typically involves contacting the local school district, with children typically assigned to the school closest to their home. However, it's possible to enroll in a different school with some waiting list considerations.

Private and independent schools offer a different educational experience with smaller class sizes, various extracurricular activities, and more flexibility in their curriculum. Tuition costs can vary, and there are often financial aid options.

Homeschooling, a unique and personalized approach to education, allows parents to tailor lessons to their child's interests. It doesn't require a degree in education, and there are plenty of resources available. Homeschoolers can transition to traditional schooling if they choose to do so, and they can challenge the test for a British Columbia Dogwood Graduation Certificate if desired.

Education in Greater Vancouver is a diverse landscape, offering families multiple options to tailor their children's learning experiences to their specific needs, interests, and values. Each choice has its unique advantages, and it ultimately comes down to what best suits your family's goals and the individual needs of your children.

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24 oct. 2023

Super helpful! School choice is such an important subject.

This Maple Life
This Maple Life
02 nov. 2023
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Thank you! We couldn't agree more with you.


Tianna Willard
Tianna Willard
24 oct. 2023

such a informative post, any questions someone might have were answered here.

This Maple Life
This Maple Life
02 nov. 2023
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Thank you!

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