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Road Trip with Kids: Tips, Ideas, and Insights

Updated: Apr 6

Road trips are fun to make any time of the year, but with sunnier days ahead and snow-free roads, one might feel more inclined to go and explore BC's beauty and beyond.

We're excited to share our tips and experiences on making road trips with kids a breeze. As a team of enthusiastic travellers and parents, we know the ups and downs of hitting the road with little ones. From fun games to unexpected challenges, we've covered you with practical advice to make your family adventure unforgettable. Let's dive in!

Important Note: Please make sure to talk to your pediatrician if you are travelling with a baby, especially if it is a newborn. Always put the safety of your child before your travel plans.


Road Trip with Kids: Tips, Ideas, and Insights

Talk to your kids about the plan ahead

Let your kids know where the family is planning to go and what they might see on the way there. Perhaps you are visiting a family member, in which case your kids might feel excited about the upcoming travel date, or maybe you are making a special trip, and there will be interesting stops for them to enjoy like museums, aquariums, and so on. Even if your kids are small, don't hesitate to talk to them about the plans; you might be amazed at how much difference this seems to make.

Include your kids in the overall plan

Go ahead and let your kids help plan part of the trip, such as choosing stops or activities they'd like to do. This will give them a sense of control and excitement for the journey.

Before setting out, talk to the kids about the rules of the trip and what behaviour you expect from them. This may include things like wearing seat belts at all times and respecting the drivers' rest time.

Let them pack their luggage

Including your kids in most of the process will make them feel more excited about the upcoming road trip, so depending on the age of your kids, let them pack their luggage or even a small backpack with their chosen activities and toys.

Choose the best travel time for your kids

Consider opting for longer stretches of driving early in the morning to avoid traffic and take advantage of the fact that children may still be sleeping. This can help make the journey smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Let your kids be in charge

Give each child a task or responsibility during the trip, such as being in charge of music, the official photographer, or keeping a travel journal. This will make them feel important and engaged in the journey.

Bring entertainment

Prepare fun activities to keep the kids entertained during the journey, such as road trip games, colouring books, music, and movies.

In addition to classic road trip games, consider interactive games that encourage everyone's participation, such as "I Spy with My Little Eye", road trip scavenger hunt, or guessing games.

Make as many stops as needed

Research interesting places to make stops along the way, such as nature parks, playgrounds, and kid-friendly tourist attractions.

Take advantage of the trip to learn about new places and interesting topics. Visit museums, historical sites, or nature centers to make the journey more educational.

Bring plenty of snacks and water

Oftentimes, there are no places to stop along the way to get something to eat, so it is important to bring plenty of snacks and water to keep the kids and yourself fed and hydrated during the trip. Opt for healthy and easy-to-eat options and avoid eating while in a moving vehicle.

Consider bringing their favourite toy

Always aim to keep the kids comfortable during the road trip. Bring along their favourite blanket and a stuffed animal or toy for them to cuddle with. Creating a cozy and familiar environment can help make the journey more pleasant for them.

Plan for small inconveniences

Always keep a paper or plastic bag handy in case the kids feel nauseous and need to vomit while you're on the road. Additionally, have wipes and a change of clothes readily accessible in case of any accidents. Being prepared for motion sickness can help manage any unexpected situations during the trip.

If the kids feel queasy, just suggest they close their eyes. It can help them feel better faster.

Offer encouragement to your kids

Recognize and celebrate trip milestones, such as crossing a state border or reaching a significant destination. This will help keep morale high and create a positive atmosphere during the journey.

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Wrapping Up

Road trips are a fun way to travel, and bringing your kids along shouldn't change that. With a few simple tips, ideas, and insights, you can make these memorable experiences stress-free.

Just remember to keep your kids comfortable and to listen to their needs during the trip. Try to have a good attitude so you can mirror that on your child as well. 

Now go and make those memories together, you won't regret it!

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Apr 04

Great tips! I love the idea of giving the kids a role that they’re in charge of! I am always surprised by the fact that even children will take on responsibility when they’re trusted with it!

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