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5 Short Hikes to Enjoy with Kids in North Vancouver

Updated: Apr 6

Lynn Canyon
Lynn Canyon

North Vancouver is a perfect spot for families looking to explore nature and spend quality time together outdoors. With a variety of short and easy trails, this area offers plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. Here are five hikes that are ideal for families with kids in North Vancouver:

Lynn Canyon is a natural gem with a series of family-friendly trails. The suspension bridge over the canyon is an exciting attraction for both kids and adults, offering spectacular views of the surrounding forest and river. Additionally, the hike to Rice Lake is perfect for families, with a gentle and picturesque trail that loops around the tranquil lake. Bus number 228 will drop you near the entrance to Lynn Canyon Park if you take it from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. You can then take bus number 227, which will leave you a 5-minute walk from Lynn Canyon.

Distance: Approximately 6km (round trip)

Estimated Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but they must be leashed.

Elevation: Low, 151mts

The Hyannis Trail is a lovely option for families looking to explore Seymour's forest. This trail winds through lush forest, crossing small streams and passing by beautiful natural landscapes. Kids will love searching for wildlife and exploring the corners of the forest. If you're traveling from Lonsdale Quay, you can take bus R2, which will take you to Phibbs Exchange. From there, you can then take bus 214, which will drop you off about 4 minutes from the trail entrance. Alternatively, you can also reach Phibbs Exchange directly from Vancouver by taking bus 210.

Distance: 2.6 km (round trip)

Estimated Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but they must be leashed.

Elevation: Low

Located in Deep Cove, Quarry Rock is a popular destination for families seeking a short hike with a spectacular view at the end. The trail is relatively short and offers panoramic views of Indian Arm fjord once you reach the top. Kids will love the thrill of reaching the summit and enjoying the stunning scenery. Bus number 211 will drop you near the trail entrance if you take it from Phibbs Exchange in North Vancouver, and then you can walk from Deep Cove.

Distance: 3.9km (round trip).

Estimated Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but they must be leashed.

Elevation: Moderate, 206mts.

The path begins at the Seymour resort area and leads you through a calm forest to the beautiful lake. Even though there are some steep parts along the way, it's manageable for energetic kids.

Distance:2.3 km (round trip)

Estimated Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but they must be leashed.

Elevation: Moderate, 141mts

Dog Mountain Trail is a charming option for families looking to combine an easy hike with breathtaking views of the city and ocean. The trail is easy to follow and is surrounded by vibrant forests and alpine meadows. At the top, kids will be rewarded with panoramic views that will surely take their breath away, making this hike worthwhile for the whole family.

Distance: 4.8km (round trip)

Estimated Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Dog-Friendly: Yes, and very dog-friendly.

Elevation: Moderate, 162mts

To Wrap Up

Living in Vancouver and surrounding areas, you have easy access to so many natural places, and taking your kids to said places takes a short ride, even by bus.

We hope that these five trails in North Vancouver inspire you to take your little ones on an adventure close to home, enjoy the natural beauty of North Vancouver, and create unforgettable memories with your family as you explore these amazing trails together!


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