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Panorama Ridge Adventure: Hiking into Nature's Beauty

Updated: Feb 25

I'd been wanting to hike to Panorama Ridge for a while. But you know how it is; life gets busy, and plans get postponed. Then my buddy Juan Carlos got in touch, and we decided it was high time to tackle Panorama Ridge before winter rolled in.

Panorama Ridge is famous for its incredible views, but it's not an easy hike. The trail covers about 33 kilometers round trip and goes up about 1,500 meters.

So, the day finally came. Juan Carlos, Paulina, and I hit the road at 5 AM and reached the Rubble Creek parking lot at 6:30 AM. Surprisingly, it was already pretty full.

We kicked off our hike at 6:45 AM. The first 8 kilometers or so were nice but not super exciting. It wasn't until we got to Garibaldi Lake that things really got amazing. At the start, we had the trail mostly to ourselves, but as we went further, more hikers joined us, especially after reaching the meadows.

At around 1,560 meters, we found some small patches of snow. But the last kilometer was entirely covered in fresh snow. Luckily, we were among the first hikers that morning, so the trail wasn't too messed up, though it was a bit slippery. We used hiking poles, but we didn't need crampons.

It took us 5 hours, including breaks, to reach the Panorama Ridge viewpoint. The view was absolutely stunning. The sun was shining, Garibaldi Lake was a beautiful turquoise color, and the snowy mountains were a sight to behold.

After a much-needed lunch and lots of photos at Panorama Ridge, we decided to head to Panorama Peak, which was covered in about 10 to 15cm of fresh snow. The view from there, with Black Tusk and other snow-covered peaks, was breathtaking.

Heading back down, more hikers had arrived at Panorama Ridge, and many were making their way up the last kilometer. Most of the snow had turned into mud, and it was pretty slippery coming down. Once past the first kilometer on the way back, things got easier and faster, but the switchbacks at the end felt never-ending, especially the last 5 kilometers.

We made it back to the parking lot in under 3 hours, finishing in just under 11 hours, with about 8 hours of actual walking. We saw some birds and a deer but no bears.

The trail was well-marked and easy to follow, thanks to the volunteers and organizations that take care of it. We did the hike on October 1st, a sunny day, probably one of the last before the rainy season. The flowers were changing colors, making the landscape even more beautiful.

To Wrap Up

In the end, our hike to Panorama Ridge was full of challenges and rewards, reminding us that the journey itself, the company of friends, and our connection with nature are what make adventures like this truly special.

Panorama Ridge view
Panorama Ridge view

Panorama Ridge view
Panorama Ridge view

If you're seeking a challenging and rewarding wilderness experience, we invite you to venture onto the Panorama Ridge trail. The beauty and serenity you'll discover there will remind you why we cherish exploration and our connection with the natural world. But before you set out, remember to take care of yourself and ensure you're physically prepared for these challenges. Additionally, don't forget to equip yourself with the necessary gear. Don't let life hold you back; go and uncover the magnificent beauty that Panorama Ridge has to offer. You won't regret it.

And if you're wondering what gear to bring on your day hike, make sure to check out our 'List of essential gear for a day hike.' It's a handy resource that will help ensure you're well-prepared for your adventure. Take a look before you head out on the trail to make sure you have everything you need. Happy hiking!


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