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Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver

British Columbia is the ultimate adventure playground.

With vast mountainous terrain and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, there is never a dull day for the outdoorsy, but sometimes getting to buy all the gear necessary for different sports seems complicated due to various factors, including expenses and a lack of storage for some. 

With this in mind, we have compiled an amazing list of rental places near Vancouver where you can get all the adventure equipment required for an unforgettable adventure, whether you are into camping, biking, kayaking—you name it! We hope this list offers just the perfect gear for you.

Table of Contents

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, hiking, mountain views, people hiking

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver:

Address: 8385 St George St #8a, Vancouver, BC V5X 4P3


Phone: 604 808 9297

Services: In Jens Outfitters, you can rent single items according to your camping needs (car camping or backcountry camping) and also book "essential" packages as well as "complete camping packages." Single items range from 2-person tents for as little as $30 per night to negotiated car rentals with Sunny Cars.

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, hiking, mountain views, backcountry

Address: 2851 E 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 1T9


Phone: 778-200-7600

Services: All Access Adventures is committed to keeping their rental and meet-up pricing accessible and affordable so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors without worrying too much about the end cost. Here, you will find the following:





-includes climbing skins, and bindings.

-includes climbing skins and Marker frame bindings.

  • Avalanche Safety Equipment Rental


  • Snowshoes Rentals

  • Black Diamond Poles

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, paddle board, sunny day

Address: 1200 Hunter Place Unit #805, Squamish, BC


Services: This store offers both winter and summer rentals to cover your adventure needs. You can easily book and pay online and then pick up at their Squamish location. 


  • Kayaks

  • SUPs

  • Climbing Shoes

  • Climbing Harnesses

  • Climbing Helmets

  • Child Carriers


  • Backcountry Skis and Skins

  • Backcountry Boots

  • Poles

  • Snowshoes

  • Transceivers

  • Probe

  • Shovels

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, climbing, rappeling


Renting equipment not only saves you money but also allows you to try out different activities without the commitment of purchasing. Whether you're a local looking to explore new hobbies or a visitor wanting to make the most of your trip, these rental services provide high-quality gear tailored to your needs. Plus, with the added convenience of pick-up locations near Vancouver, embarking on your next adventure has never been easier.


Address: No storefront; Packlist delivers and picks up the rented gear to the following cities:

  • Vancouver

  • Burnaby

  • Richmond

  • West Vancouver

  • North Vancouver


Phone: (416) 668-6705

Services: This store offers camping packages, from the basics to essentials, for both frontcountry and backcountry camping, with the four seasons in mind. Long-term rental options are available (4–7 days or 8–30 days) at a discounted price.

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, camping on the beach

Address: 1075 Gosper Crescent, Victoria, BC V9A 4J2


Phone: (778) 402-1015

Services: If you are heading for an adventure to Vancouver Island and don't want to pack gear all the way from Vancouver, this store is right on Victoria and offers a variety of gear, from one-day rentals to long-term rentals, most of which are 12 days.


  • Day packs

  • Backpacking packs

  • Camping packs

Sleeping Gear:

  • Sleeping bags

  • Sleeping pads

  • Camping pillows


  • Various sizes and types available

Stoves and Cooking Utensils:

  • Camping stoves

  • Campfire stoves

  • Pots and pans

  • Eating utensils


  • Flashlights

  • Lanterns


  • Bear spray

  • First aid kits

  • GPS devices

  • Maps

  • Compasses

  • Water purifiers

  • Chairs and Tables

Note: This list is not exhaustive and gear availability may vary.

Address: 600 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3W1


Phone: (604) 715-1901

Services: If you are looking for an easy-to-setup tent, why not try a roof tent? Just make sure your vehicle is equipped with crossbars suitable for rooftop tent installation and enjoy this set-up for only $50 per night.

Address: 110-18436 96 Ave Surrey, BC V4N 3P8


Phone: (778) 547-2444

Services: If you are in need of a set of tools for an off-road adventure, this store offers a Toyota Tool Kit that has all you need to make repairs on the go or before setting off on the road. Also, rentals of a Garmin InReach SE+ are available.

Adventure Equipment Rental Near Vancouver, kayaking BC

Tips and Insights

When choosing a rental shop, it's important to consider the following factors:

  • The type of activity you're planning: Make sure the shop has the gear you need for your activity.

  • The price: Compare prices from different shops before renting gear to ensure best price and quality.

  • Availability: Some shops may run out of gear during peak times.

  • The rental policy: Read the shop's rental policy carefully before renting gear. This will help you avoid surprises later on.

Tips for renting adventure gear:

  • Book in advance: Especially if you're traveling during the peak season.

  • Arrive early: This will give you more time to choose your gear and fill out the paperwork.

  • Inspect the gear carefully before renting it: Make sure it's in good condition and working properly.

  • Ask for instructions: If you're not sure how to use something, ask the shop staff how to use it.

  • Return the gear on time and in good condition: This will help ensure that you can rent gear from the shop in the future.

To Wrap Up

By taking advantage of these rental services, you can focus more on enjoying the great outdoors and less on the logistics of gearing up. So, pack light, rent what you need, and embrace the beauty and thrill that British Columbia has to offer. Whether you’re hiking the rugged trails, paddling through serene waters, or camping under the stars, the right equipment is just a rental away.

Happy adventuring!


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