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Life in Langley: What To Do With Kids, Activities Available During The 4 Seasons

Updated: Mar 12

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Looking for fun and engaging activities to do with your kids in Langley, BC, Canada? Look no further! Langley offers a wide variety of activities that are perfect for families with children of all ages, regardless of the weather.

Here are the seven best activities for your kids in Langley:

What to Do With Kids in Langley

1. Visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo

Giraffes on the zoo, dad and daughter contemplating them, other person taking picture of giraffes, cloudy day  y
Giraffes at The Greater Vancouver Zoo

A visit to the Greater Vancouver Zoo can be a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. Located in Aldergrove, the zoo is home to over 140 species of animals from all over the world, including lions, cougars, bears, giraffes, and many more.

Visitors can watch the animals in their natural habitats, learn about their behaviours and characteristics, and even interact with some of them.

Why we love it: We appreciate the Greater Vancouver Zoo's focus on rescuing animals and its mission to inspire appreciation of the ecosystems.

Tips to keep in mind before planning your visit:

  • Given the size of the zoo, we recommend bringing strollers, wagons, scooters or bikes for the kids. There are also family bikes you can rent per hour at the entrance of the zoo.

  • Pack snacks! Bringing food and water for you and your family is allowed by the Zoo and is a great way to avoid 'hangry' toddlers.

2. Check out the Canadian Museum of Flight

Located in the Langley Regional Airport, the Canadian Museum of Flight is a small but exciting place to visit, especially if you have a young airplane lover (like one of my kids).

Why we love it: The museum has plenty of model aircraft, which my kids find amusing. They also love climbing inside the cockpits!

Tips to keep in mind before planning your visit:

  • Half of the museum's exhibit is outdoor so dress accordingly.

  • The museum is located next to a fantastic park: McLeod Athletic Park. One of our favourite things to do after visiting the museum is having a picnic in one of the fields of McLeod. Bonus points if you buy a foam glider at the museum's gif shop and take it for a spin.

3. Visit an Outdoor Playground or Park

Langley is fortunate to have a lot of playgrounds, fields, parkour parks, bicycle parks, tennis courts, basketball courts, dog parks, and more! Even during rainy days, visiting a park can still be exciting for your kids. Just be prepared! Bring good rain suits and boots for the kids and an umbrella for yourself. If it's cold, don't forget mittens and hats. If it's sunny, bring sunblock and a hat. Dress accordingly and you'll have fun!

Some of our favourite parks near Langley are:

Penzer Action Park

Address: 198C Street, Langley, BC

What does it have:

  • Full-sized parkour Climbing Zone

  • Kid-size parkour climbing zone

  • Bike Park with banked corners and jumps

  • Basketball/Volleyball court

Why we love it: This park offers endless physical entertainment! It is a great place to go with all the family, especially if you have bigger kids.

Routley Park

Address: 71 Avenue & 198B Street

What does it have:

  • Toddler playground, big kids playground,

  • Dog park (small breeds and large breeds separate areas)

  • Soccer field area

  • Tennis court and basketball court

  • Large grass area and picnic tables.

Why we love it: This park is one of our family's favourites since it has something for everyone. My 1-year-old can play in the small slide while my 4-year-old climbs large play structures while I sip coffee on the picnic table and my husband plays ball with our dog in the dog park.

Yorkson Community Park

Address: 20591 84 Ave, Langley Twp

aerial view of map, yorkson community park
Yorkson Community Park - Map by Township of Langley

What does it have:

  • Synthetic field for lacrosse/soccer

  • Dog park (small breeds and large breeds separate areas)

  • Real grass fields (perfect for kicking the ball around and/or having a picnic)

  • Softball fields

Why we love it: Ample space to run around and chase the ball.

4. Get Involved at Your Local Community Centres

Checking out your closest community centre is a great idea. Click here to view the ones available by the Township of Langley and click here for the recreational facilities Langley City offers. They offer classes for all ages as well as drop-in activities.

Why we love it: Affordable and varied classes (from swimming to art to Zumba and more) and convenient $2 drop-in fees for activities for kids (such as Tot Romp, where they bring lots of toys and vehicles to a large gym and let toddlers play around).

Tip: Some of the classes tend to sell out, so it is always a good idea to create your account and monitor registration dates for the specific class you wish to enrol in.

5. Participate in Story Time at Your Closest Library

Langley offers 7 libraries, all run under the same system so you can check out a book in one and return it at a different location.

Follow these links to find the closest to you:

Why we love it: These libraries host weekly story times and baby time (similar to storytime but for babies), which my kids love attending!

Tip: Libraries are a great place to socialize for new moms as well as a great place for newcomers to find some of the resources and programs available in their city.

6. Eat a Waffle at Krause Berry Farms

Waffles with wipped cream and berry syrup
Photo courtesy of Krause Berry Farms

Krause Berry Farms is a great place to visit year-round. They have a hot waffle station with fresh, yummy berries on top that is delicious! They also have big open areas for you to sit down and enjoy, as well as a playground for the kids.

Why we love it: They also have a small store that is stocked with local produce, berries, and syrups. Oh, and the bakery is incredible.

Tip: In the summer months, you can participate in berry picking here!

7. Walk Around Fort Langley

Fort Langley street view, flowers and shops
Fort Langley - Photo by The Langley Advance Times

Fort Langley is located along the Fraser River, so you can take a walk (or a bike ride) along the river stop at the playground, and then get some ice cream or grab a bite.

Why we love it: There are endless restaurants, local shops, two ample playgrounds, and cultural events happening year-round.

Tip: Try Maria's Gelato ice cream; it is delicious.


Living in Langley (away from the city of Vancouver) doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun and engaging activities for your kids. With a little creativity and planning, there are plenty of activities to enjoy together, both indoors and outdoors. So, get out there and explore what Langley has to offer!


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All of your sugestions are very usefull. Thank you very much I love it.

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This Maple Life
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