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Unlocking Earning Potential: Exploring Delivery Apps for Extra Income, Pros and Cons

Updated: Feb 25

We live in a country that is full of new economic possibilities for everyone, but often we don't find the ideal job that provides us with economic stability and a work-life balance.

Currently, there are smartphone apps for almost everything we do on a daily basis, and that includes many apps for ordering food or doing grocery shopping, among other things.

However, these same apps not only serve to make your purchases but also provide the opportunity for a person to make money by doing this shopping or picking up your order at the restaurant and delivering it to your home.

We went ahead and tried earning some side income through three of the most popular apps in order to see how feasible would it be for us to rely on it as a steady income source.

In this post, we'll go through our own personal experience using some of these apps in order to make extra income.

All the apps we'll mention require registration with your driver's license, and all pay a base payment plus tips that customers can provide if they wish.

Delivery apps that we tested for this post:

It requires verification of your driver's license and works according to the area where you want to make deliveries. You can select the hours when you want to receive orders, and they can increase by $1, $2, or $3 depending on the high demand in the area where you are making deliveries.

How does it work? You have to log in to the Dasher app, and depending on the time of day, they highlight the customer order zones on the map. This means that the areas with the most orders are where you have the most possibility of taking an order. You can receive orders starting from $3, plus the tip that the customer wants to give you. Once you accept an order, as you move towards the restaurant to pick up the order, you may receive nearby orders that you can accept or reject. But be careful, every time you reject or do not accept an order, your acceptance rating automatically decreases. You pick up the order and deliver it to the customer's address. You must follow the steps the customer provides for the delivery, whether it's delivering it in person or leaving it at the door and taking a photo.

Registering on this app can be a bit more involved as it requires additional information, such as a photo of your car insurance card with your name visible, as well as your driving record. The application process may take several days as they verify the legitimacy of the information provided. However, in my opinion, Ubereats surpasses Doordash for several reasons.

One of the advantages of Ubereats is its flexibility. You can log in at any time and from anywhere, without the need to set a specific schedule. This feature is particularly beneficial if you find yourself with spare time unexpectedly, as you can simply log in and start receiving orders immediately.

When it comes to earnings, Ubereats offers a payment structure that includes a base rate of $3 per order, which can vary depending on the distance and the amount the customer chooses to tip. Additionally, you have the option to receive new order requests while you're already on the move, making it convenient to stay busy and maximize your earnings. Please note that the availability of this feature depends on your location.

Overall, despite the slightly more involved registration process, Ubereats provides greater flexibility and potential earnings compared to Doordash.

This delivery app offers a unique approach by enabling users to make purchases in supermarkets or stores instead of picking up orders from restaurants. When a customer places an order for specific items in a supermarket, you receive an order alert that includes the batch value and the customer's desired tip. If you accept the order, you are responsible for going to the chosen store and completing the shopping. If any items on the list are unavailable, you have the option to inform the customer, provide substitute choices suggested by the app, or offer a refund for the product. The customer's approval is required for these options, ensuring a review process.

Once the purchase is completed, you can make the payment using a debit card provided by the app. After packing the items, you deliver them to the client's requested address, following their specified delivery instructions.

Pros: The app is user-friendly and straightforward to use. You can earn $10 per order in addition to tips. It is possible to receive multiple orders from the same or different stores in a single trip, generating more income compared to other apps focused on restaurant orders. Furthermore, you can accept orders for just one or a few items and still receive good payment. Although each batch can take several hours to complete, it offers significant earning potential.

Unlike other apps, this platform allows for easy order cancellation without penalizing your record in the event of mistakes during order acceptance.

Cons: Occasionally, you may receive alerts for long-distance orders that may not be financially worthwhile, especially if the order is located far away from your current location. While these orders may pay slightly more, they may not be profitable, especially if you have a gasoline-powered vehicle that requires more time and resources.

In some cases, you may receive orders with a large number of items in a short period of time, which can be time-consuming, particularly if you are unfamiliar with certain products and have difficulty finding them.

Delivering large orders can also pose challenges, especially when the customer resides in an apartment. Carrying multiple bags or boxes in a single trip becomes difficult, and it may be necessary to use a cart or other means to transport everything and complete the delivery. Alternatively, making multiple trips can be time-consuming.

Sometimes, different orders from the same location are grouped together, but the delivery locations can be far apart. In my opinion, better regulation of these types of batches would be beneficial.

Extra Information and Tips

  • The usage of thermal bags is crucial when working with these apps. These bags help maintain the desired temperature of both hot and cold items, ensuring they reach your customers in optimal condition.

  • These apps offer the option to perform deliveries using bicycles and on foot, promoting eco-friendly alternatives.

  • As a safety tip, always remember not to use your mobile device while driving, as it can lead to distractions. Prioritise safe driving practices and maintain vigilance on the road.

In conclusion

In our opinion, these delivery apps are better suited for earning additional income than relying on them as a primary source of sustenance.

While these apps offer opportunities to make money, it's important to acknowledge that the income generated may not provide a stable or reliable salary to meet all living expenses. Factors such as fluctuating demand, varying order volumes, and potential expenses (such as fuel or maintenance costs) should be taken into consideration when relying on these apps for income.

It is advisable to approach these apps with realistic expectations, viewing them as a supplementary means of earning money rather than a dependable income. Exploring other avenues of employment or combining multiple income streams may be necessary to ensure a more sustainable financial situation.

Remember to carefully evaluate your financial needs, obligations, and personal circumstances before depending exclusively on delivery apps for income.

These three delivery apps provide the convenience of depositing your weekly earnings directly into your bank account the following week. Uber Eats and DoorDash goes a step further by allowing you to utilize your earnings to order food within their respective apps if desired.

Moreover, these applications come with a range of benefits and rewards for their users. They frequently offer discounts and incentives based on the completion of a minimum number of orders. Additionally, customers can rate the quality of the service you provide, and these ratings become visible after reaching a specific order fulfillment milestone.

***Please be aware that individual experiences may vary when using these apps, as factors such as location, demand, and personal circumstances can influence the outcome and satisfaction levels.

***In this post, our primary objective is to provide an impartial evaluation of the experience of earning supplementary income through delivery apps. It is important to note that we do not promote any specific applications. Instead, we try to offer an honest assessment based on genuine experiences and observations.


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