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The Four Ski Resorts Near Vancouver: Stats, Tips and Insights

Updated: Feb 22

It's official! The four ski resorts near Vancouver, British Columbia, are now open for the season!

As Metro Vancouver locals, one of us living in downtown, another in North Van, and the third in Langley, we're truly fortunate to have three amazing mountains—Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress—just a quick drive away. And guess what? Whistler (Canada's most renowned and North America's largest ski resort) is within an hour's drive too!

Lift on Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb

We're here to walk you through the top four ski mountains around Vancouver, tell you what makes them awesome, and help you plan your experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, this guide has your back. Ready to hit the slopes? Let's get started!

The Four Ski Resorts Near Vancouver

Location: West Vancouver

Average Adult Day Ticket Price: $ 74 full day

Mountain Stats

Skiable Acres: 600 skiable acres (biggest ski resort inside the Greater Vancouver Area)

Vertical Feet: 2010 feet

Lifts: 6

Runs: 53

Terrain Parks: 4 Parks in Vancouver's largest Mountain Resort

Average Snowfall: 225'

Equipment: Cypress Mountain offers equipment rentals for the day or the entire season and has a shop for those looking to purchase their gear. We find the seasonal equipment rental reasonably priced, making it convenient to have everything at home.


  • Don't let the fun stop with skiing and snowboarding. Indulge in night-time illuminated snowshoe walks, and thrilling snow tubing.

  • On weekends or holidays, the mountain tends to get quite crowded. For a more relaxed experience, I've found that weekdays are ideal, allowing for a more enjoyable time on the slopes.

Our Personal Experience at Cypress Mountain: Cypress Mountain holds a special place in our hearts due to its proximity to our home—as it takes us a mere 20 minutes to reach the parking lot. As a mother, the convenience of driving with all the gear directly to the mountain, rather than relying on a gondola, simplifies the process, especially when catering to the needs of my children. Having the flexibility to access anything I might need from my vehicle adds an extra layer of ease.

Another aspect that drew us in is the accessibility of ski and snowboard lessons for both children and adults, with a plethora of scheduling options.

One highlight for me is the enchanting night skiing experience that extends until 10 pm. The beautifully illuminated slopes create a magical ambiance, adding a unique touch to the overall Cypress Mountain adventure. Whether it's the convenience, family-friendly options, or the picturesque night skiing, Cypress has become one of our go-to winter havens.

Location: North Vancouver

Average Adult Day Ticket Price: Weekend and Holiday 4hr Area Pass (Arriving by Car) $40.00

Mountain Stats

Skiable Acres: 200 skiable acres

Vertical Feet: 1083 feet

Lifts: 5

Runs: 40

Terrain Parks: 4 (voted 3rd Best Terrain Park in Western Canada by SBC Resort Guide, 2012)

Average Snowfall: 1000 c.m.

Equipment: Mt. Seymour offers a full-service rental shop with ski and snowboard equipment, either as a package or individually (except ski boots; check the website for details). There is also a discount on rental rates for season pass holders, but if you feel like shopping, check out their apparel store, where you will find anything you need to get ready for the mountain and more.


  • If you can come by during the weekdays, do so. There is much more relaxing time on the slopes, and if you are a beginner, you will enjoy having fewer people zooming around you while you are trying to learn your corners.

  • If you don't drive, you can take the shuttle bus from Rupert Skytrain Station or Parkgate Community Centre. The bus service is free for pass holders as FCFS or $15 and $10, respectively, roundtrip for ski lift ticket holders booking online.

  • If you are taking the shuttle bus and have a time slot ticket, consider travel time, as it can take a long time to get to the hill depending on your starting point. When we took the bus, we found it easier to have all our gear on (just know that ski boots might not be allowed on the bus; therefore, spare shoes are a better option) to make boarding easier and have fewer things to carry.

Our Personal Experience at Mt. Seymour: Last year, we wanted to buy a ski hill pass to enjoy the winter months while enhancing our snowboarding skills. We also wanted to introduce our little daughter to the sport and had to choose from the four amazing ski resorts that are closer to home. Living downtown and planning on going after work hours left Whistler out of the equation, and having the other three ski hills within a short driving distance made it a bit difficult to choose from. After a bit of reading and searching, we chose Mt. Seymour for several reasons. This Vancouver family-owned resort is on the affordable side; yes, we know that the mountain has fewer runs than some of the other resorts, but that takes me to the second reason, which is that we learned that 80% of the mountain offers a combination of easy and intermediate runs, so for a beginner like myself and my daughter, that was a good reason to choose Mt. Seymour. Their Goldie Magic Carpet makes it easy for the learning process, and to be honest, we didn't even book lessons, although my husband has been snowboarding most of his life, so he was very keen to teach our daughter. However, taking lessons is always a good idea if you want to take your skills to the next level. If you are a pro skier or snowboarder, there are also plenty of runs that will test your skills, but I think the mountain is more beginner-friendly. We also like the fact that the lifts are easily accessible from the parking lot, so it makes it convenient for a pit stop.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at Mt. Seymour, and we will be back for yet another season until we decide it's time to mix it up a bit.

Location: North Vancouver

Average Adult Day Ticket Price: $59

Mountain Stats

Skiable Acres: 212 feet

Vertical Feet: 1260 feet

Lifts: 6

Runs: 34

Terrain Parks: Up to 4 terrain parks

Average Snowfall: 102 inches

Equipment: Grouse Mountain takes your skiing and snowboarding experience to the next level with a comprehensive rental shop offering ski and snowboard equipment, available both as packages or individually. While ski boots aren't included in the rental packages, you can find specific details on the website. Season pass holders enjoy discounted rental rates, adding extra value to the mountain experience. For those eager to explore beyond the slopes, Grouse Mountain's apparel store is a must-visit. From essential gear to stylish apparel, you'll find everything you need to prepare for the mountain and more.


  • For a more relaxed and enjoyable time on the slopes, consider planning your visit during weekdays when the pace is a bit slower. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who can appreciate the extra space without a flurry of experienced skiers around.

  • If you don't have your own transportation, Grouse Mountain has you covered. Take advantage of the shuttle bus service available from Rupert Skytrain Station or Parkgate Community Centre. Pass holders can enjoy this service for free (first-come, first-served), while ski lift ticket holders booking online can secure roundtrip rides for $15 and $10, respectively.

  • When using the shuttle bus and considering a specific time slot, factor in travel time, as it may vary based on your starting point. To streamline the boarding process and minimize what you need to carry, it's advisable to have all your gear on. Keep in mind that ski boots might not be permitted on the bus, so having spare shoes is a practical alternative.

Our Personal Experience at Grouse Mountain: Drawing from my own experiences, venturing to Grouse Mountain on weekends or holidays can be an energy-draining feat. The influx of visitors can turn the mountain into a bustling hub, with queues for the gondola extending seemingly endless, at times spilling out from the parking lot. For families, especially those with younger members, the extended wait times can indeed lead to tired little ones.

However, the silver lining lies in the fact that Grouse Mountain extends its charm beyond the ski hills. Despite the crowds, the array of entertainment options for all ages adds a delightful touch. Picture a serene ice skating rink where laughter echoes, a chance for the kids to meet Santa in his North Pole abode (complete with enchanting breakfast events), and the thrill of sliding down designated slopes with rented sleds.

Additionally, a luminous walk adorned with lights provides a captivating alternative for those seeking a break from the slopes. It's a beautiful spectacle that adds a touch of magic to the overall Grouse Mountain experience.

Location: Whistler, BC

Average Adult Day Ticket Price: $269 (it can be less if you can snag discounts through preseason sales or bundled packages for multiple days).

Mountain Stats

Skiable Acres: 8,171 skiable acres (largest ski resort in North America) The resort is divided into two adjacent mountains, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, connected by the world-record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola.

Vertical Feet: 2,214 feet

Lifts: 37 (including the Peak to Peak Gondola which is the world's highest and longest continuous lift system)

Runs: 200 (plus 16 alpine bowls and 3 glaciers)

Average Snowfall: 448 inches

Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb


Whistler Village and the surrounding area have numerous rental shops where you can find a wide selection of skiing and snowboarding equipment. Notable rental providers include Affinity Sports (located inside the Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel), Black Tie Ski Rentals, and Summit Sport. Some rental providers offer package deals for multiple days, which can be more cost-effective than daily rentals. These packages often include a combination of equipment, and you may also have the option to swap gear during your rental period.


  • If you are a BC parent with kids in kindergarten through grade 5, there's an opportunity for your little ones to enjoy five days of free skiing and riding at Whistler Blackcomb with the Epic SchoolKids Pack – an amazing program tailor-made for Canadian and Washington State Kindergartners through grade 5. No purchase is necessary! And for those first-timers, they get a complimentary lesson and rental package on specific dates. Registration kicks off in spring and closes at the start of the ski season, making it a budget-friendly way to introduce your kids to the excitement of winter sports.

  • If you're travelling from Vancouver to Whistler, we highly recommend considering an overnight stay to make the most of your experience. The drive is incredibly scenic, but staying overnight allows you to fully enjoy the journey and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. Whistler offers a range of accommodations catering to various budgets, from luxurious options like the Four Seasons and Fairmont to more budget-friendly choices such as Airbnbs and affordable hotels. Whether you prefer indulging in upscale amenities or seeking cozy and economical options, Whistler has accommodation choices to suit every traveller's needs.

Our Personal Experience at Whistler, BC: While the $269 per ticket might seem like a splurge, it's an investment that pays off when you consider what Whistler, crowned the Best Ski Resort in North America by Condé Nast Traveler's annual readers' choice awards, has to offer. Beyond the world-class skiing, the breathtaking mountain views and vibrant village create an atmosphere that's hard to beat. For one of us, Whistler isn't just a ski destination; it's a treasure trove of childhood memories, making the price tag well worth the unforgettable experiences it provides.

To wrap up

The ski season has kicked off at the four resorts near Vancouver, eagerly await all of us to hit the slopes. Being a Vancouverite certainly comes with its perks – with three fantastic mountains, Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress, practically in our backyard, and not to forget Whistler just an hour away. Each mountain has its unique charm, and we're grateful for our city's proximity to these incredible winter destinations. So, get your gear ready because the slopes of Seymour, Grouse, Cypress, and Whistler are calling out to us!


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