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5 Awesome Waterparks Near Vancouver to Visit this Summer

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Hey, Vancouverites! Feel like going to a waterpark this summer? You won't believe the epic fun waiting for you right around the corner! We compiled a list of 5 waterparks near Vancouver. So, forget about the stress and routine – grab your sunscreen, buddies, and family, and let's dive headfirst into the top five waterparks that are going to make this summer unforgettable.

Must Visit Waterparks in Vancouver:

Big Splash Waterpark

Admission Fee: $20 - $30 (approx

Located in Tsawwassen, just south of Vancouver, Big Splash Waterpark is a great place to go for the entire family. The park features a lot of exciting water slides, including tube slides and body slides, suitable for all age groups. There's also a large wave pool and a lazy river to enjoy.

Cultus Lake Waterpark

Admission Fee: $30 - $40 (approx.)

Located in Cultus Lake, this waterpark has lots of fun slides and attractions. From drops to twisting flumes visitors will find plenty of excitement. Cultus Lake Waterpark is known for its well-maintained facilities and safety measures, making it an ideal destination for families and groups seeking aquatic adventures.

Harrison Watersports Aqua Park

Harrison waterpark, summer

Admission Fee: $30 - $50 (approx.)

Situated in Harrison Hot Springs, this aqua park is a floating playground on the lake. It offers a unique water-based adventure with inflatable obstacles, slides, and platforms. To get to and from the inflatable waterpark there's a shuttle that leaves from the main beach. Whether you're into jumping, climbing, or just splashing around, the Harrison Watersports Aqua Park promises a refreshing and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.

Important things to note:

- Age Restriction: As stated on the Harrison Hot Springs Water Sports website age and swimming abilities are observed: "Ages 10 and up without adult supervision. Children ages 6 to 9 require adult supervision, or someone 16 years and older to assist them. Parents should not leave their children unattended while out in the park."

- Water Temperature: Given that the waterpark is on a glacier-fed lake, the water can feel extremely cold. Wearing a wet suit is highly recommended. If you don't own a wet suit and don't want to invest in one at a time, at Harrison Hot Springs there are wet suit rentals that are available for the day at $5.35 per suit.

Bridal Falls Waterpark

Admission Fee: $20 - $30 (approx.)

Located in the Fraser Valley, Bridal Falls Waterpark is a family-friendly destination featuring an assortment of water slides and pools. The park offers a mix of slides for thrill-seekers and gentler attractions for younger children. Surrounded by greenery and scenic landscapes, this waterpark provides an enjoyable escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience

Located in Aldergrove, the Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience is great for summer fun-seekers of all ages. There are slides, splash pads, a lazy river, a wave pool and more! The water park also includes various play structures and amenities, making it a perfect spot for families to spend quality time together.

Things we love the most about this park:

- Affordability: This park is one of the most affordable options out there for water parks.

- Water temperature: The water temperature in this park is maintained warm!

Important to note: Reservations and prior ticket purchase are required in advance and given the affordability and proximity of this park, they tend to sell out quickly. So make sure to reserve a couple of days or if possible weeks in advance


Hopefully, this list of 5 amazing waterparks near Vancouver help you make this summer an unforgettable one! Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or a laid-back day of family fun, these waterparks near Vancouver have got you covered.

Remember that the admission fees are approximate and can vary based on factors like age, time of visit, and special promotions. It's always a good idea to check the park's official website for the most up-to-date pricing and any other relevant information before planning your trip.

So, let's make this summer one for the books!


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